Comedy Shorts – Four Short Stories

An e-book of four short stories to make you laugh - with a blend of mystery and a twist of supernatural.

Sleuthing For Beginners
Angela has always had a secret ambition to be a private detective. After her neighbour dies suddenly she launches her own investigation, with unexpected results.

A Peaceful Death
George, who has been obsessed with death since his father died, is visited by the Angel of Death, who strikes an unusual bargain. 

A Girl's Best Friend
Ali, the sole beneficiary of her uncle's will, learns that he may have a secret, ill-gotten fortune stashed away. But she soon finds out she's not the only one determined to find it.

The Muse
Esther, a struggling romance writer, meets her muse Alfred, who moves in, providing her with a constant source of inspiration. But is the cost too high?

I recommend these stories to those who enjoy a bit of the macabre with a blend of mystery and a twist of supernatural on the side. These are great short stories, one and all. Readers' Favorite
"I love Robin Storey's dry wit and her realistic characterization of the foibles of human nature." Pamela Mariko
Comedy Shorts By Robin Storey

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Comedy Shorts - Humorous Fiction Short Stories: Four Comedy Short Stories

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