Doubling your income 


Of course you would, and you’re probably thinking this is some get rich quick scheme where you hand over all your hard earned savings to a deposed prince in an obscure African province.

It’s no scheme – the Australian College of Financial Education can show you how to substantially increase your income by becoming a trader on the stock market

To many people, the stock market is a mystery – they think you have to be a brilliant mathematician or a computer geek to understand it and to make money from it.

But Judy, 42, of Buderim, a student of the College, strongly disagrees and is quick to dispel these myths.

“You don’t have to be academically brilliant. I’m hopeless at maths and keeping records, but I’ve been a member of the College for 18 months now and I’m now at the stage where I am living off the income from my trading.”

Judy’s passion is horses and she spends most of her day riding and training her horses to compete in dressage. She’s had a number of high profile jobs in the past and before she joined the College her main problem was that she had a large asset base, but not enough income.

“My horses were eating me out of house and home!”

When the company she was employed with was hired to design a website for the College Judy became intrigued by the idea of learning to trade in stocks and enrolled as a student. “It was the missing link I was looking for.”

The course consists of weekly traders’ groups and regular week-end workshops. Students learn how to recognize and analyze trends in the stock market, and very importantly, learn risk management strategies.

“They teach you how to cut your losses short and how to reduce your risk so that you’re only exposing yourself to a minimum of risk,” says Judy. “It’s very important to understand your own risk profile.”

The traders groups – small informal learning groups- are very popular. “There are people from all walks of life, from bricklayers to doctors, teachers and stay at home mums. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, everybody’s doing the same as you and you’re all really motivated.”

Judy started trading on the stock market after six months at the College. “I’m getting better and better. For example, I recently bought some shares at 17½ cents and sold them at 82 cents.”

Once you enroll in the ACFE you can be a member for life and can continue to attend training and update your knowledge of the stock market for as long as you want. It’s not time consuming – many of the students are also in full time employment – and you don’t have to have a large capital outlay to trade on the stock market.

“Nowadays we’re living longer and retiring earlier,” says Judy. “And a lot of people are dissatisfied with the fact that after, say twenty years, they might only have $20 000 in a super fund and maybe a house. This is one way you can increase your income and gain some financial independence on a long term basis. The good thing about the College is that you learn how to make money in the down times as well as the up times.”

Dave Beveridge, the director of ACFE, says that Judy’s success is quite within the reach of the average person. “Judy is a very effective trader and she is typical of the majority of our students. People often think it’s beyond them but what she is doing is very achievable.”

Judy readily agrees that becoming a student at ACFE and learning to trade on the stock market has changed her life. “It’s very satisfying, but the most important thing is it’s given me the freedom to follow my passion, to spend my time with the horses and do what I want.”

Contact the ACFE on 5444 0499 first floor 174 Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba

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