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girl meditating at sunrise

How Mindfulness Can Enhance Your Life

One of my goals for this year is to incorporate more mindfulness into my everyday life.  Unless you’ve been held captive in a cave in darkest Africa by one-eyed multiple-tentacled aliens, you will have heard the term ‘mindfulness’ bandied about with reckless abandon, in the company of other words like meditation, karma, holistic and green […]

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Health risks of being a writer

The Health Risks Of Being A Writer

Danger – writer at workDon’t let anyone tell you that writing isn’t a dangerous occupation. Just last week I came perilously close to stapling my manuscript to my thumb, and yesterday I dropped my dictionary on my foot. (It’s a large dictionary and it was from a considerable height).The worst afflictions are the ones that […]

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My mother's cookbook - recipes for nostalgia

My Mother’s Cookbook – Recipes For Nostalgia

One of the things I love about historical fiction is being transported into another time and place. As well as vicariously living a life vastly different from my own, I also enhance my knowledge of historical people and events.It’s one of the reasons I love flipping through my mother’s recipe book. She bought it soon […]

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Five top benefits of being a mature age author

Five Top Benefits Of Being A Mature Age Author

​With Queen Elizabeth turning 90 recently and still looking pretty spry, it got me thinking that one of the secrets to healthy aging has to be a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the mornings. In the case of the Queen, she has commitments – speeches to make, buildings to open, medals […]

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Twelve Things Never To Say To A Writer

Twelve Things Never To Say To A Writer

Occupation: otherNow that I’m a full-time author I can legitimately write it on official forms that ask me for my occupation – although for those that give you a category to select, author is never there. Not even writer or anything writing-related. So I have to choose ‘other’ or ‘self-employed’, which are vague and bland […]

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Steinbeck stuck on the title page

Book Titles – What’s In a Name?

Steinbeck’s pain is my pain I love that cartoon, not only because it makes me laugh, but because I can feel Steinbeck’s pain. It’s exactly what I’ve been going through for the last few months as I was writing my novella – I could not for the life of me come up with a title for […]

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Too Much On Your Plate? Is this your to-do list?

Too Much On Your Plate? Here’s The Solution.

Work, exercise, family, study, community or voluntary work, hobbies, socialising – how do you fit it all in?  Do you find yourself exhausted by the end of the week, berating yourself for all the things you didn’t have time to do?  Overwhelmed when you look at your to-do list?  Not achieving the goals you’ve set […]

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From Would-Be To Published Author - The Long And Winding Road

From Would-Be To Published Author – The Long And Winding Road

Every author’s journey is different. Some start with all guns blazing and have half a dozen novels under their belt by the time they’re 30. Others take up different careers, raise families and begin writing later in life when they have more time and freedom. For some, it’s a desire they’ve had buried deep inside […]

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woman writing in diary

Why Writers Should Keep a Journal – And Why I Don’t

  One of the things on my daily to-do list, along with yoga, meditation and becoming independently wealthy, is writing in my journal. Daily journalling is extolled by many famous writers, as in this post on PolicyMic – 6 Brilliant Writers on the Importance of Keeping a Journal. Creative writing teachers also recommend it, as […]

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Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do

  Last week I confronted one of my lifelong fears – public speaking. I did my first author talk  at my local library. If anyone had told me even a year ago that I would be speaking in front of 40 people I would have quaked at the knees and squawked, ‘No way!’ The talk […]

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