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photo of Wendy MacManus

Baby Boomer Wendy MacManus – From Accounting To Shoes

  I’ve interviewed people all over the world in my Baby Boomers Making A Fresh Start series, but I was extra excited to meet Wendy MacManus, as she lives just down the road from me. Relatively speaking, that is – just a mere 40 kilometres away at Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. […]

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Baby Boomer Sarah Tuakli Cooper – From Music to Marketing

In this interview for baby boomers making a fresh start, I chat to Sarah Tuakli Cooper. Sarah, a UK citizen, is now resident in the U.S. in San Diego. She was educated in music and theatre to a degree level and spent 20 years teaching music and digital technologies. In 2013, at the age of […]

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Baby Boomer David Ovens – A New Career At 59

In this blog post I interview David Ovens from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. David was made redundant at the age of 59 and faced the many challenges experienced by mature age workers trying to find employment. He then decided to take the plunge and buy into a mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U, and hasn’t looked back since. […]

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Baby Boomers Bob and Anita Gardyne – Living Their Dream After Fifty

In the third of my video interviews on baby boomers making a fresh start, I chat to Bob and Anita Gardyne, from Oakland, California, with their young daughter Anne Elizabeth, overseeing in the background. They talk about how and why they became co-founding entrepreneurs of a Silicon Valley technology start-up, SafetySitters, in their early fifties. […]

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Santa Claus writing with quill

Older Is Wiser – Why It’s True

  Having published my first novel in my fifties, I guess you could call me a late bloomer when it comes to novel writing. Or more accurately, novel publishing, as I’ve been writing novels seriously for over ten years. Writing is something that people often don’t pursue until later in life, for a variety of […]

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Baby Boomer Peter Busch – From I.T. To Contract Bridge

  In the second of my interviews on baby boomers making a fresh start, I talk to Peter Busch from Buderim in Queensland, Australia. Peter, who ran his own I.T. business in software development, successfully transformed his hobby into his vocation in his early fifties, when he began his career as a bridge director and […]

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Baby Boomer Becca King Reed – From TV Exec To Raw Foods Chef

  In the first of my interviews with baby boomers making a fresh start, I talk to Becca King Reed in California about her transition in her late fifties from TV executive to raw foods chef and instructor. Quite a lifestyle change! Becca has always had a special interest in alternative health, and in her […]

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man with birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Junior Baby Boomers

This year is a milestone for baby boomers (born 1946 – 1964). The youngest of us turns 50. Happy Birthday, baby! Baby boomers have been described in all sorts of ways – vain, materialistic, greedy, self-centred – and there’ve been some pretty horrible things said about us as well. Some of those descriptions might even […]

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