Confessions of a Grammar Nazi

Confessions Of A Grammar Nazi

I suffer from an affliction shared by many other writers. (Apart from caffeine addiction, procrastination and thinking about plots while driving and missing my exit). I am a grammar Nazi. And under that umbrella I also place misspelling and erroneous punctuation. Repeat after me please. They’re drinking their coffee over there. Wanted: man with good grammar I’m […]

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Fashion in Fiction

Fashion In Fiction – From Bodices To Bridget Jones

‘Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.’ Bill Cunningham. I love clothes. Love looking at them, buying them and wearing them – especially when something I’ve bought feels comfortable and looks good. And if it was on sale, I’ve won the trifecta. As I’m a woman, you could say it’s in my […]

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Health risks of being a writer

The Health Risks Of Being A Writer

Danger – writer at work Don’t let anyone tell you that writing isn’t a dangerous occupation. Just last week I came perilously close to stapling my manuscript to my thumb, and yesterday I dropped my dictionary on my foot. (It’s a large dictionary and it was from a considerable height). The worst afflictions are the ones that […]

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Down the rabbit hole


Most novels require some sort of research. If you’re writing a novel set in a different historical period, obviously you need to do a lot of research. But regardless of what genre of novel you’re writing, things come up that you need to investigate (with perhaps the exception of fantasy, because you can make everything […]

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The Top Ten Books I Read in 2016. girl sitting on pile of books.

The Top Ten Books I Read In 2016

There’s only one thing I enjoy more than writing (and sometimes more) and that’s reading. I review a lot of the books I read on Goodreads, an online book club where readers can post reviews of books and connect with other readers. It’s always fun at the end of the year to look back at […]

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Five Life Lessons from Walking the Camino de Santiago

Since returning from my 775 kilometre trek across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, I’ve been asked several times, ‘Did you experience any spiritual enlightenment? Discover the meaning of life?’ There seems to be a general assumption that even if I didn’t make the journey for spiritual reasons, I would have discovered some deep […]

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My mother's cookbook - recipes for nostalgia

My Mother’s Cookbook – Recipes For Nostalgia

One of the things I love about historical fiction is being transported into another time and place. As well as vicariously living a life vastly different from my own, I also enhance my knowledge of historical people and events. It’s one of the reasons I love flipping through my mother’s recipe book. She bought it soon […]

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Confessions of a Book Nerd. artoon character with glasses reading a book.

Confessions of a Book Nerd

I’ve been a book nerd ever since I learnt to read. Even before I learnt to read, as my mother read to me from the time I was six months old, so it’s all her fault. As a child, my favourite activity was to curl up on the couch with my head in a book, while […]

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Badass women - why they're more fun. woman with gun

Badass Women – Why They’re More Fun

Who doesn’t love a red-blooded, shoot from the hip badass woman? One who’ll entice you with sweet words and bedroom eyes, only to pull a gun on you as soon as you succumb to her charms. Men love them because there’s something so sexy about a woman who takes control into her own hands, and […]

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Three Reasons to Love Noir

Three Reasons To Love Noir

If you’ve been following my blog for a while or read some of my books, you’ll probably be thinking, ‘She loves noir? But she writes comedy!’ Or even, ‘What is noir?’ Noir is French for black and there are many definitions of noir fiction. Google defines it as ‘a genre of crime film or fiction characterized […]

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