Baby Boomer Sarah Tuakli Cooper – From Music to Marketing

In this interview for baby boomers making a fresh start, I chat to Sarah Tuakli Cooper. Sarah, a UK citizen, is now resident in the U.S. in San Diego. She was educated in music and theatre to a degree level and spent 20 years teaching music and digital technologies. In 2013, at the age of 52, she decided to start her own marketing company, Saute Creative. She describes her passion for her new career as ‘scary.’

Watch the interview to hear what inspired her decision, the challenges and rewards she’s experienced and why she owns over 30 musical instruments.

Interview with Sarah Tuakli Cooper


As Sarah explains in the interview, she’d already had some experience in marketing in her previous careers, whereas in a couple of my previous interviews, with Bob and Anita Gardyne and Becca King Reed, their new careers were completely different from their previous occupations.

Just my luck that when I’m interviewing an expert in digital technology we get a technical glitch! Fortunately it happened at the end when I was just about to wrap it up.

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