Baby Boomers Bob and Anita Gardyne – Living Their Dream After Fifty

In the third of my video interviews on baby boomers making a fresh start, I chat to Bob and Anita Gardyne, from Oakland, California, with their young daughter Anne Elizabeth, overseeing in the background. They talk about how and why they became co-founding entrepreneurs of a Silicon Valley technology start-up, SafetySitters, in their early fifties. SafetySitters is a company that offers babysitting, special needs care and elder care to people in their own homes.

Watch the interview below to hear about the events that led them to this exciting new stage of their lives.

Interview with Bob and Anita Gardyne.


I thought it interesting that Bob and Anita had tossed around a few ideas for businesses before deciding that SafetySitters was the one to go with. They’d also done a lot of research on the demand for such a service in their area, so the decision was a combination of gut feeling and thorough preparation and planning.

Did you find the interview inspiring? What are your thoughts on starting a new business in your fifties? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them below.

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