Baby Boomer Becca King Reed – From TV Exec To Raw Foods Chef


In the first of my interviews with baby boomers making a fresh start, I talk to Becca King Reed in California about her transition in her late fifties from TV executive to raw foods chef and instructor. Quite a lifestyle change!

Becca has always had a special interest in alternative health, and in her early career as a health reporter she came across many examples of people able to cure themselves of illnesses through changes to their diet, particularly raw foods.

Eventually her passion for raw foods increased to such an extent that she knew she had to follow it, so she quit her job in TV, enrolled in the Living Light Culinary Institute and is now an accredited raw food chef and instructor.

Watch the interview below to hear Becca’s account of how she plucked up the courage to follow her dream and how she’s dealing with the challenges along the way.


There were two things in my discussion with Becca that really resonated with me. Firstly, it was her passion that was talking to her as she was making her decision to change careers, which is very much an intuitive process. Having a passion for something is like falling in love – it’s hard to describe but you know when you have it.

Secondly, Becca believed in herself, that she had the ability to not only become a raw foods chef but also to use her knowledge to help others, to ‘do good,’ as she puts it.  In my blog post What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self in Three Words? there are also some interesting ideas and discussions on intuition and self-belief.

What did you find interesting and/or inspiring about Becca’s journey?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comments below. And if you have any suggestions for further interviews, I’d love you to contact me.

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Robin Storey is an Australian author from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She is a certified book nerd and has no weird hobbies or unusual pets.

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