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Down with Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again. And I don’t mean Christmas. While I’m trying to unglue the end of the roll of Christmas wrapping (Why do they do that? By the time I’ve unglued it I’ve torn half the roll), spraying the cat with Santa snow or up to my armpits in alcohol-drenched dried fruit, a quiet angst is simmering away inside me.

I haven’t carried out half the New Year resolutions I made this time last year. I use the words resolution and goal interchangeably, as most of them refer to my writing in its various forms and stages of evolution.  As usual I’ve wildly overestimated my capacity to complete projects within a certain time frame. And even the few lifestyle resolutions I made all fell by the wayside :

  •  Eat less sugar.  That lasted about a week until I started dreaming about chocolate and waking  up drooling.
  • Do more bushwalking.  A bushwalk requires a certain amount of planning and by the time the week-end rolls around I’m all planned out.
  • Make daily entries in my gratitude journal.  I haven’t written in it for so long I don’t even know where it is. For which I’m grateful as it’s one less thing on my to-do list.

All in all, my list of New Year Resolutions is a recipe for feeling a complete failure. No, please don’t try to console me and tell me to take a positive outlook, focus on what I have achieved etc etc.

I have a much better idea. I’ve seen the light. I have become a counter resolutionary.  Down With Resolutions!  Up With Aimlessness!  These are my counter resolutions for next year.

  1. Eat and drink what and when I like. Chocolate cheesecake for breakfast, cheese on toast for dinner, butterscotch ripple ice-cream and a glass of chardonnay for a midnight snack. I’ll listen to what my body is telling me it needs at the time, which, oddly enough, is never steamed fish and vegetables.
  2. Write only when I feel like it. Too lazy to walk into the office and start up the computer?  Muse gone on holidays?  Mould in the shower proving irresistible?  No pressure, procrastination is my friend.
  3. Have no writing goals. No deadlines, no word counts, no expectations.  Fifty words in a year or fifty thousand.  However many, it’s all good. Fifty words a year is one word a week. How hard can that be?
  4. Make no plans at all for my recreation time. Just do whatever I feel like on the day. Bushwalking, parachuting, rock climbing, lying on the couch watching old British war movies. Who knows what exciting experiences I’ll have by succumbing to the urge of the moment?

Anyone want to join me in the new Counter Resolutionary movement?  We won’t plan anything because that’s counter to the counter resolutionary movement, but if you see me marching down the main street waving my placard please feel free to join me.

Down With  Resolutions!

What do you think of New Year Resolutions?  Have you ever kept any?

About the Author Robin Storey

Robin Storey is an Australian author from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She is a certified book nerd and has no weird hobbies or unusual pets.

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