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Will bookshelves become a thing of the past?

There’s never been a more exciting time for writers than now. With the popularity of e-books and the simplicity and low cost of e-book production anyone can be a published author. This doesn’t mean that you can just churn out any old thing and think it will sell. The cream always rises to the top – if it’s not well-written and professionally edited it will sink without a trace.

The drawback is that there are so many quality e-books being published that it can seem a daunting prospect to stand out in such a crowded marketplace. The good part is that you’re no longer at the mercy of just a few in the publishing industry and have to suffer a continuous round of rejection slips.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m resurrecting one of my trunk manuscripts to publish as an e-book. This will be my first published novel, so I’m pretty excited.  For everybody in a  similar situation, thinking of e-publishing or in the process of doing so, I’m going to share with you my experiences, bloopers and all. And hopefully you’ll learn as much as I do along the way. Or better still, share your own experiences with me.  This is an outline of what I’ll be posting:

  • How to fall in love with your novel again
  • Creating your marketing plan
  • Beginning your marketing
  • Re-writing and editing
  • The progress of your marketing
  • Getting professional input
  • The final product
  • How not to go off your rocker balancing the demands of writing and marketing
  • Revising your marketing plan
  • Creating the e-book
  • Stepping up your marketing plan
  • Launch Day
  • Earn a million dollars or go back to start (pass ‘Go’ and collect $200 for perseverance) for novel number 2.
  • Continuing your marketing plan
  • Until you die.

Anything else I should add?  Do you have any good advice to pass on to me?

About the Author Robin Storey

Robin Storey is an Australian author from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She is a certified book nerd and has no weird hobbies or unusual pets.

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