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I love Robin's books. Every story is different and hooks you in so you have to keep reading. She has a fantastic ability to create memorable characters you can empathise with - even the "not so nice" ones. I thoroughly recommend her books.

Pam Mariko - author/teacher

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How Not To Commit Murder

How Not To Commit Murder

Career conman Reuben Littlejohn is determined to go straight this time after his release from prison. But he wasn’t counting on being blackmailed into helping kill his parole officer Lucy, with whom he is madly in lust. Can he save her life without jeopardizing his own?

Perfect Sex By Robin Storey

Perfect Sex

Forty-something divorcee and writer Susie Hamilton joins an internet dating agency, ostensibly to research her novel. But while her book becomes a roaring success, her love life is a disaster zone. Will she meet her Mr Perfect Sex online, or will she have to make do with Mr-As-Good-As-It-Gets?

Comedy Shorts By Robin Storey

Comedy Shorts

Sleuthing For Beginners, A Peaceful Death, A Girl’s Best Friend and The Muse. Four short stories to make you laugh, with a blend of mystery and a dash of the supernatural.

An Affair with Danger By Robin Storey

An Affair With Danger

Corporate lawyer Will McPherson is the victim of an armed hold-up and when he meets the perpetrator’s girlfriend Frankie Slater in court he is instantly smitten. Their liaison puts them both in danger and ultimately becomes a matter of life and death. If you like your romance with a large dose of grit and suspense, this novella is for you.

Making the Breast of It by Robin Storey

Making The Breast Of It

Yes, there is a positive side to breast cancer. This is a frank and humorous account of the author’s experiences after being diagnosed with breast cancer and the stories she has collected from other survivors. You’ll be uplifted after reading it, whether or not you have breast cancer.

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Murder Undone

For 20 years wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress. When she is offered the opportunity to travel back in time to undo her crime as penance, she accepts. But she is soon plunged into a world of further crime and depravity, and discovers she has even more to lose this time around.
Previously published as A Time For Penance.

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Successful businessman Jackson Forbes has left his criminal past well and truly behind. But when a young woman turns up in his office claiming to be his daughter and threatening him with a gun, it seems that his past hasn’t finished with him.  Out as an e-book now!  Print version coming in May 2019.

Why I Do What I Do


To write for my own enjoyment and that of my readers, to continue to improve my productivity and my craft, with each book being better than the last, to learn and enjoy the process of marketing and connecting with readers and other writers and to embrace challenges and be outside my comfort zone.

  • To Live Life
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  • To Embrace Life
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"Writing is the only thing I do that when doing it, I don't feel I should be doing something else" - Gloria Steinem

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